The Arab Organisation for Human Rights in Britain and Europe, the African Organisation for Heritage and Human Rights, and the Gulf League for Rights and Freedoms condemned the attack and assault on Mustafa Rajab, “the Egyptian Family House” in the United Kingdom, on Monday July 23, 2018 by Mohammed Jamil the Chairman of an organisation called, the Arab Organisation for Human Rights in Britain.

The Brotherhood member Mohammed Jamil assaulted the leading activist Mustafa Rajab, while participating in a demonstration against the visit of Emir of Qatar Tamim al-Thani to London on 23rd July. British police have arrested the suspect and have been under investigation for alleged «assassination attempt» the official of civil society organisations in Britain.

The incident coincided with the organisation of a demonstration in London on Monday (July 23rd) condemning the visit of Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani to Britain because of his support for terrorism and violation of human rights of foreign labours and violations of freedoms against Qatari citizens such as the withdrawal of nationality and the arrest and torture of activists.

Mohammed Jamil was organising campaigns and vigils for the Qatari regime on Monday (July 23rd) against the large demonstration in front of the British Parliament against Tamim's visit. He collected no more than 20 masked and paid people including 4 Shiite members wanted for justice in Bahrain and known to belong to the pro-Bahrain Free Movement (London-based terrorist) supported by the Iranian regime. Mohammed Jamil is a permanent guest on Al Jazeera and used as a cover for promoting radical ideas.

The three organisations called on British justice to stop Mohammed Jamil behaviours on attacking demonstrators and civil society members in Britain and stand trial for fraud and sabotage the reputation of Arab organisations working in the West, specifically Britain.

Mohammed Jamil commits the crime of blatant forgery and blatant exaggeration that the organisation named for the Arab Organisation for Human Rights, an international organisation based in Cairo, has repeatedly noted that the so-called Arab organisation in London has nothing to do with it.

Human rights activists confirm that the Arab Organisation for Human Rights in Britain does not represent the Arab Organisation for Human Rights and does not exist in the Arab arena at all. Therefore, international organisations are urging the British authorities to try Mohammed Jamil on charges of assault, forgery and violence against other activists.