SPA )Riyadh)

The Interior Ministry's security spokesman said that the competent authorities, while carrying out legal procedures in a social case in Hail region, noticed that some of those who were connected to its parties were exploiting social networking sites to promote lies and exaggerations about their circumstances in order to provoke sedition and tribal tensions and push ordinary people to commit misdeeds and affect legal proceedings, leading some of them to stand in an illegal manner in front of the headquarters of the governorate of the region.

The security authorities were able to identify and arrest the main elements involved in incitement, provocation, rumors and exaggerations, including the person who has created a hashtag on one of the social networking sites for that purpose. Their number until now has reached twenty four persons. All facts about their roles and objectives are being investigated. Follow-up will continue to arrest anyone found to be involved in their activities in any way.

The Ministry of Interior declares that it will stand firmly in front of such practices and the spread of lies and breach of the security of society and the safety of its members, and warns at the same time that it will punish all those who seek to disturb the security and stability of this country and its citizens and residents on its territory.