SPA (Riyadh)

The Minister of Finance Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan participated in World Economic Forum "Davos" held in Switzerland from 23-26 January 2018 within the Kingdom's delegation including a number of princes, ministers, heads of Saudi companies and businessmen .

During the forum, the Minister of Finance spoke to many of international personalities present at public and closed discussions, including the national dialogue session, which dealt with building the future of the economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in accordance with Vision 2030.

He focused on the economic reforms being undertaken by the Kingdom's government and influential role in improving the business environment, rehabilitating the mineral resources sector, developing renewable energy capabilities, localizing the weapons industries, investing in manpower development and education. He said, "We have a strong and flexible economy, strong reserves and a low deficit ratio that will enable us to withstand and overcome external volatile conditions, citing the commitment of the Kingdom to increase transparency, including the full disclosure of Saudi budget reports this year.

"The government has worked to develop a framework for privatization through the transformation program aiming to raise nearly $ 200 billion over the next few years," the Minister of Finance said.