SPA (Riyadh)

Saudi women, only, will be entitled to run females' clothing stores, in all regions of the Kingdom, following implementation of the third phase of the decision to feminize such outlets, starting from Saturday.

The third stage of feminization comes as continuation of the first and second phases launched by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, during the past years.

Feminization is to include selling of women's perfumes, shoes, bags, women's socks, ready-made women's clothing kiosks selling women's supplies and department stores that sell ready-made women's clothing with other accessories and women's cloths, Ministry of Labor Spokesman Khaled Abalkhail announced here today.

Among the targeted activities are small, stand-alone shops selling bridesmaids, women's gowns, accessories, women's galabias, maternity care items and pharmacy divisions in such trade centers and malls.