SPA (Sana'a)

Arab coalition fighters bombed military positions of the pro-coup militias, south and east of capital Sana'a, while fighting continued in the field, in the Directorate of Nahm.

According to the website of (September Net) of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, the coalition fighters destroyed, at noon today, military positions of the Houthi militias and forces loyal to ousted Saleh, in the Directorate of Sanhan, south of the capital Sana'a.

It quoted, also, local sources as saying that the violent explosions have rocked the area, following the fighters targeteing of Camp Gerban.

On the other hand, the coalition fighters destroyed reinforcements, positions, gatherings and military equipment of the pro-coup militia, in Mahli area and the Yam Mountains in Naham Directorate, east of the capital, while the battles between the forces of the national army and the popular resistance, on one hand, and the Houthi militia, on the other, continued, in the areas of Madfoun, at the same Directorate.

The sources added that the militia of the coup secured a number of deaths and the wounded, due to the fighting in those areas.