Okaz (Jeddah)

Qatar’s Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim Al-Thani has released a statement saying that he «hopes the ruling family and dignitaries respond to the invitation for a national meeting who Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani called for yesterday».

Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim said in a video message broadcasted on Sky News Arabia to the Qatari people that the Qatari government has «allowed the intruders and the haters to spread their poison in every direction until we reached the brink of catastrophe».

He added «It saddens me that what is mentioned in this crisis consist of terrorist organizations and Qatar’s embrace of them and the proliferation of terrorist groups among us. It is as if Doha has become an incubator for all the saboteurs and corrupters».

The Paris-based Qatari sheikh said that he placed his trust in “the wisdom of King Salman and the leaders of countries and their deep love for us by standing with us”.

On Sunday, Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani called on the «wise men» of the ruling family in Qatar and the country's prominent figures to meet to resolve the Qatari crisis, which amounted to direct incitement to the Arab Gulf.