SPA (London)

Minister of Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir, stressed that there is no siege on Qatar, stressing that no country can be accepted while its media is supporting terrorism and terrorist operations.

«All countries should not tolerate terrorism. We will not deal with a state that supports it and interferes in the affairs of other countries,» Al-Jubeir told a news conference at the Saudi embassy's headquarters in London.

He added, «We are ready for the continuation of the crisis with Qatar, and no harm, and we will decide whether there are other sanctions on Doha according to the circumstances».

The Foreign Minister pointed out that the people of Qatar is the only one who decides who governs them, noting that Britain stood neutrally in the crisis and did not support the Doha position.

On Yemen, he stressed that the Arab alliance deals in Yemen under international law, noting that «Sana'a airport can be reopened if the United Nations takes over.»

Minister Al-Jubeir described Iranian Foreign Minister's statements about the rapprochement with the Kingdom as «ridiculous», indicating that Iran must change its policies and stop terrorism and interference if it wants rapprochement and improvement of its relationship with the Kingdom.

He pointed out that the Kingdom does not see any seriousness by Tehran in dialogue and diplomatic cooperation. He said, «Iran is destabilizing the region through Hezbollah and terrorist attacks, pointing out that al-Qaeda leaders in Iran have given orders to carry out attacks in the Kingdom.»

He explained that diplomatic contacts with Iran to complete Hajj arrangements do not represent normalization of relations and have nothing to do with politics.