Arab Coalition Forces Hand Over 27 Former Child Soldiers to Legitimate Yemeni Government

Okaz (Riyadh)

Arab coalition forces in Yemen handed over, yesterday, 27 former child soldiers to a representative of the legitimate government of Yemen. They were arrested during military confrontations with Houthi coup militias on the border of Saudi Arabia, an official source said.

The source pointed out that Iran’s Houthi coup militias are forcing Yemeni children and youths to fight, pushing them to battle fronts and using them in failed operations.

The handover took place at Sharourah Force Command, southern Saudi Arabia, in the presence of representatives of Coalition Forces, International Committee of the Red Cross, Saudi Red Crescent Authority, the head of Child Protection Unit in Armed Conflict, Saudi Human Rights Commission, and the legitimate Yemeni government.

According the to the official source, ‘’each child was given a sum of money as a gift from Joint Forces Command of Renewal of Hope Operations, while Sharourah Force Command presented symbolic gifts to them’’.

All 27 children were then transported by bus to Marib, in northern Yemen.