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The Arab-European Center for Human Rights and International Law lodged a complaint with the United Nations against the State of Qatar regarding the arbitrary expulsion of Sheikh Taleb bin Mohammed bin Lahoum bin Shraim, along with 54 members of his family.

The Center, an international organization based in the Kingdom of Norway, stated that it lodged a complaint and urgent appeal to the High Commissioner for Human Rights against the Qatari authorities for involuntary stripping more than 50 Qatari nationals of their national identities, citing their belonging to Al Morra tribe, an illegal justification and clear violation of international conventions on the right to citizenship and naturalization.

The Center pointed out that the Qatari authorities issued during the month of September the decision to forcibly expel Sheikh Talib bin Lahoum and more than fifty other members of his family, in addition to the

confiscation of their properties and money arbitrarily without any legal basis.

It called on the High Commissioner for Human Rights to urgently interfere and address the Qatari authorities to review its decision to strip a number of its citizens from their national identities, confiscate their properties and money, calling on it to enforce and remain committed to international laws.